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Published on August 18, 2013, by in Au Pair.

Whether you were looking for a change and got something more drastic than you bargained for or were the victim of a stylist gone wild, a terrible hair cut can be a disaster. Dealing with the aftermath of follicular butchery isn’t always pretty, but it’s also not necessarily as difficult as it seems in the heat of the moment. Before you make any more drastic decisions in an attempt to repair the damage, take the time to consider some of the ways in which you can make the situation less painful.

Spring for a Top Stylist

When money is tight and there’s little room in the budget for luxuries, shelling out top dollar for a spot in the hottest stylist’s chair seems a bit extravagant. When you’re faced with a hair catastrophe, however, that should be your first course of action. A great stylist can do wonders, even when it comes to salvaging a bad cut. Even the best stylist won’t be able to grow your locks back overnight, but she might be able to make high-end adjustments that make a bad style less awful. A great stylist will also be able to give you invaluable styling tips to help you make the most of your new look while it grows out into something more manageable.

Consider Supplementing Your Hair’s Growth

Prenatal vitamins are a vital part of caring for a growing fetus, but they’re also the secret weapon of the hair savvy. They can ramp up hair growth rates dramatically, especially when you’re not sharing nutrients with a growing person. They won’t leave you with Rapunzel lengths in the span of a few days, but they will help your hair grow back much faster than it would with no help. Just be aware that some people experience a few side effects when they’re taking prenatal vitamins that way you aren’t taken by surprise.

Play Around With Accessories and Styling Options

Some people just aren’t happy with a new haircut until they’ve styled it themselves a few times to find the look that works best. Even if you know that you’re not going to be happy with the new look that’s been foisted on you, take a bit of time to play around with different options. Use fun accessories, break out the curling iron or flat iron and see what you can make of the mess. Just be sure that you use heat protecting products before using hair dryers or irons. Because the goal is to foster strong regrowth as soon as possible, you’ll need to minimize the damage you do to your locks.

Own It

You can be embarrassed and ashamed of a haircut you don’t like, or you can make the conscious decision to fake it until you make it. Keep in mind that you didn’t have fingers cut off; just hair that will eventually grow back. Own your new style and wear it with pride and plenty of sass and you may be surprised at just how well you’re able to pull a new look off. Keep in mind, too, that you may just be experiencing a bit of shock at an abrupt change if you had long, flowing hair shorn into a pixie cut. As you become accustomed to short hair, you may even discover that you actually like the new look.

Consider Extensions

If you truly can’t stomach your new haircut and can’t find any way of styling it that lessens your distaste, it may be time to consider extensions. Depending on the type used, you may be able to get a few months of wear out of them while your own hair is busy growing back out and restoring itself to its former glory. Just be sure that you’re using a relatively mild system that won’t cause damage to your hair as it regrows, or you may find yourself in a worse mess than you started with.

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