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Published on January 27, 2013, by in Au Pair.

Purchasing greeting cards at the store has gotten more and more expensive, and many people are opting to take card making up as a hobby instead of shelling out the extra money.  The problem with making your own cards is that you don’t want it to look like you got your crayons out and made a card like you did when you were a kid.  There are so many rubber stamps and techniques out now that you could almost duplicate a store bought card with some practice.  Check out these 40 blog entries and take a look at some examples of the types of cards you can make at home.

Sympathy Cards

There are several times when you might want to send a sympathy card, such as when there’s a death in the family, a pet dies, a friend loses her job or someone didn’t do well on a test or interview.  It’s nice to have a few sympathy cards on hand for those occasions when you just want to remind that person that you care.  Take a look at these five blog posts.

Birthday Cards

Probably the most popular card to send is the birthday card, and it’s good to have cards for both adults and children on hand.  When you make your cards yourself you can choose whether the sentiment is funny or serious.  Look through these five blogs and see if you find any inspiration for making your own birthday cards.


Congratulation Cards

You hear about something great that happened to a friend or family member and you want to send them a card.  Congratulation cards can be generic so that they’re appropriate for any and all occasions or very specific so that it is obvious that you made that card just for him.

Get Well Soon Cards

You should keep a stock of get well cards on hand because by the time you hear someone is sick and drop them a card in the mail they could already be feeling better when they finally receive it. Plus, taking a card over attached to a cup of chicken noodle soup is always a nice gesture.  These examples found on the following five blogs could give you some ideas.

Thank You Cards

It’s always nice to be thanked, however sending thank you cards is a bit of a rarity these days. Thank you cards can be made to suit the occasion, like making a card with a house on the front to thank someone for their hospitality, or can be more generic so that you can use them anytime.


Making your own invitations allows you to totally customize them to match your party theme.  You only need to make as many as you need and if you think of one more person you can sit down and make just one more invitation.  It’s hard to do that when you have to buy invitations in lots of 8 or 25 at the store.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Masculine Cards

It can be hard to create more masculine cards for boys. Kids’ cards can at least contain some toys that boys like to play with, but making a card for an adult male is hard.  To get some suggestions on what colors to use and what themes work you should check out these five blog posts.

Baby Shower

Someone is having a baby and you are in charge of the shower.  You can go all out and use all the baby things you can find, but remember you may have to make a lot of cards.  Baby shower cards can be invitations to the shower, thank you’s for the mom-to-be to use later or cards for guests to give the first-time mom advice.  For more ideas you can check out these five blogs.


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