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Published on June 24, 2013, by in Au Pair.

Frozen snack pops are simple to make and can be made using a variety of flavorful ingredients.  If it’s a healthy snack that’s needed, go all natural with fruit juice or puree.  Other fruit pops can be made with a sweeter base, like milk or yogurt, and still contain nutrient dense fruit.  For something richer, a pudding pop or yogurt pop might be just the thing.  For all of these recipes and more, check out these 30 blog entries.

All Natural

A light and healthy frozen snack pop can be made out of fresh fruit juice and all natural ingredients like coconut milk and mint. Mix and match ingredients, then freeze up a variety of snack pops that can be enjoyed anytime. Take turns letting the kids pick the flavor of the week.  These six blog articles will explain how to make all natural frozen snack pops.

Fruit Pops

You can quickly make up a batch of fruit pops using whatever fruit and fruit juices you have on hand, or you can make a creamier version by adding in sweetened coconut milk.  These six blog posts will provide the inspiration you  need to get creative in the kitchen.

Pudding Pops

Frozen pudding pops come together quickly and easily for a rich, creamy treat that rivals store-bought fudge bars.  Mix up a batch of pudding using a box of any flavor pudding mix according to package directions, add some cream and pour it into the molds to freeze. That’s it! These pops, as well as the ones featured in the next six blog posts, are the perfect treat for a hot summer day.

Yogurt Pops

What’s not to love about frozen yogurt? You can make a batch of yogurt pops by using the yogurt as the base, mixing in a sweetener and then adding in the flavor of your choice. Trying to be healthy? Stick with fruit add-ins. Looking for an indulgence? Use chocolate for a marbled. Experiment with different flavors and check out these six blog posts for recipes the whole family will love.

Smoothie Pops

You can transform your favorite smoothie recipe into a delicious frozen pop by doubling the batch and pouring it into snack pop molds or small paper cups. If using cups, let the mixture harden for half an hour and then add the sticks.  Freeze for several hours or overnight, then enjoy! Take a look at these six blog entries to find a starting point, then go grab the blender!

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