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Published on June 2, 2013, by in Au Pair.

The coconut is one of the most versatile foods on the market.  There is coconut water which has been found to be very high in potassium, full of easily digested carbohydrates and low in sugar, according to WebMD.  The coconut meat is high in fiber and helps digestion.  Coconut milk, flour and oil are a few more things that come from the simple coconut and contain nutrients to help your body.  The versatility of the coconut is why there are so many tasty dishes to make.  Take a look at these 25 blog entries to find coconut recipes for any course in your meal, from soup to dessert.

Main Dishes

Is it possible to think of main dish recipes and coconut without thinking of coconut shrimp?  Probably not, so you will find a recipe for coconut shrimp in one of these five blog posts.  Thai cooking uses a lot of coconut as well so you will also find a couple of Thai recipes.  Take a look and see if you can find one you’d like to try.

Side Dishes

Coconut pairs well with many ingredients to make the perfect side dish.  Whether you are pairing coconut with polenta or rice it works well.  The coconut seems to take these rather boring staples and jazzes them up giving them a distinctively tropical flair.  Check out these five blog posts and see what you think.


Tropical salads are light and refreshing and the addition of coconut gives them a nutritional boost as well as enhancing the flavor.  Coconut shows up in many salads, but you can also try adding coconut to some of your favorite salad recipes.  These five blog entries may give you some ideas for new salad recipes to try.


As coconut water has become more readily available recipes for various coconut drinks have become trendier.  Coconut water is a natural way to replenish your body’s electrolytes after exercise and is considered a healthier alternative to sugary sports drinks.  If you don’t want to drink your coconut water plain try a recipe from one of these five blog articles.


Coconut contains a natural sweetness so it works well in desserts.  There are tons of dessert recipes that use coconut and the recipes on these five blog posts include some of the most common, but they are just a few of what is available.

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