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Published on July 8, 2013, by in Au Pair.

Did you know that a typical 20 ounce bottle of cola contains 15 to 18 teaspoons of sugar?  According to Harvard School of Public Health, one out of every three children is considered overweight or obese, and the consumption of sugary drinks is a contributing factor.  You can help fix this by providing your kids with low-sugar drinks this summer. Whether your kids like fizzy, fruity or frozen drinks, you’ll find recipes that will please even the pickiest child in these 25 blog posts.


Drinking a fizzy drink every now and then is a fun treat, and completely possible to do with these low-sugar recipes. Skip the diet sodas, which contain artificial sweeteners and other unhealthy chemicals, and instead try making your own non-alcoholic ginger beers. Use Stevia, which is a natural sweetener that allows you to have a sweet treat sans the sugar. Take a look at these five blog entries for some fizzy drinks the whole family will love.


Typically, both homemade and store bought lemonade have a very high sugar content. Skipping the extra artificial sugars and sweeteners and using fruit and other naturally sweet ingredients allows you to sweeten lemonade without all the extra empty calories. Check out the fruity summer drinks in these five blog articles.


There are very few things that are more refreshing on a hot day that a frozen drink. Unfortunately, many frozen drinks are high in sugar. These five blogs, however, feature recipes that are low in sugar and still taste delicious.  You can even find a low-sugar option to the frozen lemonade drinks featured at a well-known fast food chain.  To find these recipes, read through the next five blog posts.


Smoothies are a great way to start out the day on a refreshing, healthy note. You can even toss in some veggies with the fruits and other add-ins to add an extra nutritional punch. The kids will love the taste and you’ll love the nutritional value. To find recipes for low-sugar smoothies, look over these five blog entries.


Water is the best drink to beat the heat during the summer, but some kids don’t care for water, making it a constant battle to get them to drink enough water to stay hydrated.  These five blog articles will share tips and tricks to make water taste like something special that the kids will ask for all summer long.

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