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Published on March 7, 2013, by in Au Pair.

Literally translated, it just means the 5th of May, but to Mexico Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of a victory over the French army.  Those wanting to celebrate their Mexican heritage will celebrate Cinco de Mayo in other places besides Mexico, and the celebration can be big or small.  You can make some crafts and decorations with your kids and hang them around the house while you talk a little about what the holiday means, making it a great teachable moment where you can give some history of Mexico and the struggles that they had before they become independent.  Then top off the lesson with some traditional Mexican food and drinks.  These 24 blog entries will show you how your Cinco de Mayo can rock!


Cinco de Mayo decorations, such as piñatas, are typically very bright and colorful. Streamers and puffy crepe paper flowers can be hung from the ceiling to help liven up any dinner.  Make a banner to hang over the table or door.  You can find these crafts and more on these six blog posts.


Mexican food is very popular in the United States and other places around the world.  Many families have taco night once a week.  Making Mexican food can be an integral part of your Cinco de Mayo celebration, and there are several easy recipes you can use.  Nachos are simple to make, as are many other dishes.  If you have never tried making your own guacamole, you might get your kids to help you try out the recipe on the blog found below.  Take a look at these six blogs and try your hand at these different Mexican dishes.


There is a lot of fruit available in Mexico, and as such the drinks for Cinco de Mayo celebrations are often fruity, with the margarita being the most popular.  You don’t have to have a cocktail at your celebration.  Check out some of these Mocktail recipes that you could serve to your family.  The next six blog posts will add some zip to your festive celebration.


After you have created some crafts and used them to decorate your space you will need activities to do before or after the meal.  These six blog posts will share games for your celebration, like musical chairs with mariachi music.  The kids can stay busy by doing printable games and puzzles.  You can get the whole family together to sing some special Cinco de Mayo songs.  Take a look at these ideas and see if you and your family can find something that inspires you for Cinco de Mayo.

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