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Published on September 5, 2013, by in Au Pair.

The beginning of a new school year signals a fresh start, and gives you the chance to completely reinvent your look. You may have assembled the perfect outfit for the first day, but have you figured out a complimentary way to style your hair? These 24 blogs are full of quick and easy hairstyles that are perfect for a day at school. Whether you’re a mom fixing your young child’s hair or an older student styling your own, you’re sure to find tons of quick and stylish hairstyles that will suit any length of hair.


Long, luxurious locks are envied by many, but it can be tedious to wash and dry your hair every day. These eight bloggers have solved that problem by putting together looks that will work for both freshly washed hair and hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days. In fact, some of these styles will actually work better with hair that’s a little dirty.


Medium-length hair can range anywhere from a couple inches above the shoulders to a couple inches below, and every length in between, but it’s a length that can sometimes be difficult to style because it’s neither long nor short. Instead of throwing your hair into a ponytail and calling it a day, check out these eight blog entries for ways you can achieve stylish, quick and easy medium-length hairstyles.


The biggest complaint with short hair is that it can be incredibly difficult to find multiple ways to style it, and many girls resort to wearing their short hair the same way day in and day out because they don’t know what else to do. Fear not, these bloggers will show you how to get out of your short-style rut, and give several examples of how to play with your look in ways you may never have thought possible.

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