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Published on April 9, 2013, by in Au Pair.

Beans contain protein and are often one of the main sources of protein for vegetarians.  Tofu is made from beans and that is another popular source of protein for people who don’t eat a lot of meat.  So whether you are looking for a source of protein or just a tasty dish you can find recipes for bean soups, salads or appetizers here.  These 24 blogs will give you tasty recipes that will not only allow you to get the protein that’s necessary for your body to function properly, but you could save money.  Dried beans are especially inexpensive and pack a powerful nutritional punch for the price.


Bean soups have been around for thousands of years.  Thankfully the recipes have gotten better now that most ingredients are readily available.  So whether you’re looking for a traditional bean soup or something more exotic you should be able to find a recipe on these eight blog posts.

  1. Recipe: Bean Soup with Avocado Salsa This spicy soup packs a punch with cayenne pepper.
  2. Easy Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup Just add the ingredients to your slow cooker and come home to the smells of dinner, ready to eat.
  3. Sausage and Cannellini Bean Soup Recipe For a quick lunch or dinner idea on a cold day this soup will hit the spot.
  4. Gluten Free Portuguese Bean Soup Recipe             This soup uses three different types of beans and spicy chorizo to give it some kick.
  5. Tuesday Things + Homemade Bean Soup Recipe Make a big pot of this soup and you will have lunches and dinners all week.
  6. Southern Chef: Spanish Bean Soup Recipe Tons of meat in this bean soup to make it hearty as well as filling.
  7. Cauliflower and White Bean Soup  This recipes is for an all white soup blended for a creamy texture.
  8. Quick Vegetarian Black Bean Soup You can use dried beans in this recipe, but it’s considered “quick” because it calls for canned beans.


Beans in salads can really bump up the protein content in your salad.  Depending on the salad it might be made of all beans like the 3-Bean salad.  These salads will make nutritious side dishes for your weeknight meals when you need to get dinner on the table fast.  These salads tend to get better over time because the beans will absorb the dressing.  Take a look at these eight blog entries to find a bean salad for your dinner tonight.

  1. Cherry Tomato, Cucumber and Green Bean Salad The beans in this salad are fresh versus canned or dried.
  2. Red Bean Salad with Chick Peas This salad is protein packed with two beans in it.
  3. Greek Three-Bean Salad Recipe A simple salad that is easy to put together since it utilizes frozen and canned beans and other ingredients.  Great go-to side for busy weeknights.
  4. Mexican Bean Salad Lots of flavor in this salad with three types of beans and tons of spices.
  5. Quinoa and Black Bean Salad If you haven’t had the chance to try quinoa yet give this salad a try.
  6. Recipe: White Bean Salad Being a fresh salad you may find many ingredients in your garden.
  7. Delicious Four Bean Salad Recipe Quick recipe to throw together today since it calls for canned beans.
  8. Healthy Salad Recipes: Brown Rice and Black Bean Salad A super nutrition packed salad with the protein from the beans, fiber from the brown rice and pomegranate seeds for heart health.


One high protein appetizer or snack is hummus and pita chips or veggies.  Hummus is typically made out of chick peas which are not peas at all, but are actually beans.  White beans on bruschetta are an elegant appetizer to serve at your next party or get together.  Using beans in your appetizer will help stretch your budget, but won’t take away anything from the taste or elegance of the dish.  For these ideas and more check out the next eight blog entries.

  1. Crunchy Garbanzo Bean Appetizer/ Snack: Recipe Set these tasty nuggets in silver bowls around your house and your guests will nibble on them like nuts.
  2. Bush’s Beans Recipe Exchange [Recipe: Chili bean Cheese Queso] Only five ingredients for this tasty hot dip that’s served with tortilla chips.
  3. Fava Bean Crostini Appetizer Mash fava beans with mint and parmesan cheese and spread it on the crostini for an elegant appetizer for guests.
  4. How to Make Black Bean Dip—Easy Cooking! Check out this video for the steps you’ll need to make this dip.
  5. White Bean and Kale Bruschetta Super quick and simple appetizers that can be ready in minutes.
  6. Deviled Strings Beans and Tuna This recipe could be a side dish or a hot appetizer.
  7. Healthy Recipe: Black Bean and Pepper Jack Quesadillas Make this classic appetizer a little healthier by using this recipe
  8.  Black Bean Hummus with Lime and Cumin A tasty twist on a common party food.
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