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Published on July 17, 2013, by in Au Pair.

Gooseberries are an uncommon fruit that come in several different varieties. Some are grown in the States, typically on a bush that is three to four feet tall. Others are grown in India and some parts of Asia. Indian gooseberries are small in size, and typically ripen in late summer. They are largely used in jellies and pies, though when eaten fresh the berries are exceedingly tart and slightly bitter.  There are ample health benefits you receive from eating Indian gooseberries, which you’ll see by reading through the following 18 blog articles.


Free radicals form in the body when oxygen reacts with certain molecules, and they can cause a chain reaction that can be damaging to your body’s DNA and cell walls.  To counteract free radicals, the human body uses antioxidants that can interact with free radicals safely and rid your body of them.  Indian gooseberries are a good source of antioxidants, and you can learn more about how they help your body in the next six blog entries.

Hair Health

There are a number of ways that Indian gooseberries help you to have beautiful, healthy hair.  Gooseberries can be applied topically to make your hair shiny and improve scalp health.  When ingested, the berries will improve the strength of your hair and help reduce hair loss.  In India, gooseberries are processed into hair tonics that are applied to the hair to darken and strengthen your hair.  These six blog posts can shed more light on the hair health benefits of Indian gooseberries.

Vitamin C

Everyone knows how important vitamin C is to staying healthy, and there are many different ways to consume vitamin C.  Supplements often don’t break down enough to get into the body. Fresh fruits are typically the best source of vitamin C, and Indian gooseberries contain 20 times as much vitamin C as an orange, which has long been noted for its high levels of vitamin C.  Take a look at these six blog articles to find out the many benefits of vitamin C.

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