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Published on November 27, 2012, by in Au Pair.

Even though no two kids are alike, there are some things that are fairly predictable with most kids. For example, most girls don’t like squirmy things like worms whereas most boys are fascinated with creepy crawly critters. It’s a stereotype, but it also happens to be pretty accurate. Some kids tend to be sensitive to certain things and other kids, maybe not so much. Here are 10 things that most kids are normally very sensitive to.

  1. Yelling in a negative way – Unless a child is brought up in a home where yelling is the norm, young kids have a tendency to be sensitive to this kind of yelling; particularly if it is harsh and directed at them.
  2. Mean expressions – It’s interesting to note that babies will often cry if someone looks at them in a mean way. Kids in general react to negative facial expressions.
  3. Another child in need – When kids see another child who needs help, they will often try to help the other child. Toddlers will try to comfort babies who are crying, and older kids will often try to assist a toddler who is having difficulty with something. Kids can be selfish and bossy, but they can also be compassionate toward one another.
  4. Their mother’s moods – Most moms will agree that their kids will react to their moods with predictability. When Mom needs alone time, that’s when the kids will cling to her even more. When she’s sad, they will get quiet and try to cheer her up. When she’s happy, they are happy too. And when she’s tired, they will drive her bonkers!
  5. Harsh words – Kids can be very sensitive to harsh words, especially when they come from their parents. Kids like to please adults and want to know that they are loved and accepted. Harsh words can leave them feeling rejected and worthless.
  6. Kind words – Just as kids can be sensitive to harsh words, kind words can have the opposite effect. A few kind words spoken to a kid can make all the difference in the world. Many kids don’t get to hear kind things spoken to them on a regular basis, so when they do hear them, oftentimes, they will treasure those words like precious gems.
  7. Clothing tags – Fortunately, many companies have stopped putting tags on clothing and imprint the information directly on garments instead. Many kids can’t tolerate the tags rubbing against their necks and have to have the tags cut out prior to wearing.
  8. Over stimulation – Most kids can handle only so much stimulation. When there is too much going on – when all the senses are assaulted at once – many kids will go into sensory overload. Then they will act out, cry, and get cranky or hyper.
  9. Loose teeth – When kids begin to lose their baby teeth, they can get sensitive about the prospect of the tooth coming out. Some kids get worried about the blood they will lose, others worry about whether or not it will hurt and how much; some even worry about needing to wear false teeth! Assuring the child that losing teeth is part of growing up might help to quell some of their fears.
  10. Food preferences – Food can be a very touchy subject for some youngsters. They can get very particular and very vocal about their likes and dislikes, and even joking around with them about it can get a rise out of them. As kids grow, their taste buds mature, so rest assured that their tastes will change as time goes on.

Kids can get sensitive about so many things that sometimes parents are in a quandary as to what to do. Just be patient and try to help your child deal with their sensitivities. Realizing that certain sensitivities are perfectly normal and will be resolved as your kid gets older can give you some peace of mind.

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