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Published on November 5, 2012, by in Au Pair.

Making a shopping list before heading to the market can not only save you time by eliminating the necessity for several return trips to fetch forgotten items, but it can also save you money by controlling any impulse spending temptations you may have when you don’t have a list to adhere to. Organizing your lists, however, isn’t always easy. Thankfully, the iPhone in your pocket is more than up to the task, especially when coupled with the power of the App Store and the talented developers that contribute to it. These 10 apps are great ways to make and maintain your shopping list, saving you time and money in the long run.

  1. Groceries – With beautiful graphics and an intuitive interface, this $1.99 app is a great way to build your grocery list before you leave the house, share it with others via email to delegate shopping duties, keep track of favorite items, and maintain several separate lists. Organize your list by aisle and enter the amount you need to help prevent purchases of incorrect package sizes, thus streamlining your shopping process and helping you get in and out of the store as quickly as possible.
  2. GroceryList Choose from hundreds of items built in to this $1.99 app’s database or add your own, setting favorites and managing multiple lists as you go. The app starts up and scrolls quickly, allowing you to move through the list and the grocery store in record time.
  3. Grocery iQ – Scan the barcodes of the packages in your cupboard to add them to your grocery list when you’re running low with this free app, which you can sync and share with other devices and the dedicated website. Grocery iQ also helps you find coupons related to your frequent purchases, helping you save money as you make your list.
  4. Shopping List (Grocery List) – Sort the products you need to purchase into categories, quick-select them from the built-in database, and even calculate the total before you reach the register with local taxes included with the $2.99 Shopping List app. Add notes to your items if needed, then filter the list by things you’ve checked off versus things you have yet to purchase.
  5. Grocery Gadget – Shopping List – Arrange the products on your list by the space they inhabit in your home, such as “pantry,” “refrigerator” or “laundry room” to ensure that you’re well-stocked when it comes to staple items. Stop scribbling your lists on scraps of paper that are easily lost, and make the switch to this intuitive $3.99 app.
  6. Shopper – Pro – When you build your grocery list with this $0.99 app, you can immediately access FDA and USDA alerts or recalls to make sure that you’re only purchasing the safest items before you even arrive at the store. Shopper also isn’t limited to groceries; use it for electronic equipment needs, home improvement lists, health and beauty items or baby needs. The versatility of this app also makes it a great choice for managing holiday gift shopping lists.
  7. ShoppingList – Very simple and easy to use, the $1.99 ShoppingList app lets you customize the amount you need of a specific item, group and arrange the entries in the way that makes most sense to you, and sync your list with Dropbox.
  8. ShopShop – Shopping List – Billed as simple, easy and free by the developer, this app is designed to build and review your shopping lists, with no bells or potentially confusing whistles.
  9. Simple Grocery List – While it’s nice to have an app loaded with features in some cases, some of them also happen to be completely unnecessary. Simple Grocery List is light on the features, but heavy on functionality. Best of all, it’s free in the App Store.
  10. Grocery List – Buy Me a Pie! – The $2.99 Grocery List automatically synchronizes with other devices, allows you to update and modify either on your mobile device or the website, and sends your created lists via email or text.

Pairing your favorite shopping list app with a few that give you access to local deals, specials, sales and discounts is a very effective method of boosting your saving power at the places where you shop most. Let your iPhone pay for itself by putting it to work at helping to save you money.

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