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Published on November 14, 2012, by in Au Pair.

There’s something about the art of preparing meals and snacks for your family that warms the very cockles of a foodie mom’s heart, whether she’s a master chef or a relative beginner to cooking. It wasn’t so very long ago that cooking required a shelf full of clunky recipe books and charts, but as technology has progressed, so has the way that we access recipes. Apple’s iPhone device and a selection of useful apps created by the talented developers that stock the App Store have all but eliminated the need for those books and various tools. These 10 apps are among the best for moms that have a fondness for cooking and baking, and go a long way towards cutting some of that physical-copy clutter.

  1. Dinner Spinner Pro – Accessing the number one recipe site on the Internet through your iPhone is a snap with this $2.99 app, which allows users to filter recipes by ingredient, share a particular favorite with friends and contacts, and even manage  grocery lists from within the application.
  2. Must-Have Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens – The Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks are famed for their delicious recipes, insider tips, and the best-kept secrets in food preparation. Now, there are more than 460 recipes with accompanying photos that are available right on your iPhone for free through the App Store. Access how-to videos and add notes and substitution information for dishes from within the app and organize your favorites in a virtual recipe box!
  3. What’s for Dinner? Recipe Cookbook and Shopping List – Answering this age-old question is a breeze with a free app from Snazzy Software, which allows you to import family recipes, build a shopping list, and browse multiple recipe websites with one consolidated search. Upgrade to a more powerful version with added functionality for $2.99
  4. Sara’s Kitchen – Television host and food celebrity Sara Moulton’s namesake app is $2.99 in the App Store, and encourages everyday moms to make healthy, simple, home-made meals with wholesome ingredients. Recipe photographs and instructional videos provide visual aids, while meals are categorized to facilitate easy searching and browsing.
  5. How to Cook Everything for iPhone – A columnist for the New York Times and the author of a best-selling cookbook, Mark Bittman’s a food celebrity in his own right. Now, you can access all 2,000 of the recipes in a format optimized for mobile users, along with plenty of illustrations and how-to’s.
  6. KitchenMath – For some food-loving moms, math simply isn’t a strong suit. If you’re among the many people who aren’t overly fond of numbers, this app is a must-have addition to your App Library. Only $0.99 in the App Store, KitchenMath will help you convert units almost effortlessly, calculate both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures, and determine the proper serving temperatures for a variety of meats.
  7. Harvest – Learning to balance a vegetarian diet can be complicated, especially if you’re making that transition as a family. Harvest is a practical and useful $1.99 app that helps users access a variety of tasty and healthy, animal-friendly dishes. Each recipe is also egg-free, a boon to those with egg allergies.
  8. Ratio – According to food expert Michael Ruhlman, all you really need to do to master cooking is master the art of ratios. When you understand the symbiotic relationship of various ingredients, you’ll be on your way to creating your own custom meals, free from the constraints of the cookbook.
  9. Appetites® – Beginners will benefit greatly from this $4.99 app, which provides users with detailed, step-by-step instructional videos for reference along the way. When the 54 included recipes are mastered, there are a variety of specialty upgrade packs to choose from, ensuring that you’ll be great in the kitchen in no time.
  10. Kitchen Timer – The simple interface of the free Kitchen Timer makes it easy to keep track of how long you’ve been cooking a particular item. No frills, no superfluous features that ultimately prove worthless, and no complicated extras, Kitchen Timer has only one job, which it performs very well.

In addition to being useful options for experienced moms who hope to get rid of a few recipe books, some of these apps can also serve as worthwhile educational tools. Learning to prepare meals, whether you’re fixing the simplest offering to the most complex cuisine, starts with being able to master fundamental skills and perfect the art of reading a recipe carefully. Don’t be discouraged if some of the more complex dishes don’t turn out exactly how you planned; just learn from your mistakes so that you’re able to avoid repeating them in the future.

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